Why Alpha UCITS?

  1. The UCITS fund launched on our platform will be your fund, not ours: We run a unique business model whereby the investment manager is in control of his UCITS fund on our platform, however without the full operational burden and the legal and regulatory risks of running his own investment vehicle.
  2. The Alpha UCITS Platform is operationally strong. We have an institutional set-up supported by leading “best-of-breed” service providers. We are a one-stop shop providing together with our service providers all UCITS related services, from legal advice and regulatory passporting to independent risk management.
  3. Competitive cost structure: indicative all-in operational TER of 15-25 bps. for mature alternative funds.
  4. Daily operational support by platform, reducing the operational burden for investment manager.
  5. Experienced structuring team capable of launching funds quickly and in a cost-efficient manner.
  6. Alpha UCITS is a leading independent asset raiser for alternative and traditional UCITS funds.